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Matt Venuti
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Life affirming enchantment

Member since: 2017-02-06
Home: Geneva, NY, US
Frequently Tours: All over US most of the year
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Hang and Vocals
Other Instruments: Gubal, Gudu
Genre: Acoustic Alternative, Ambient Fusion, Singer-Songwriter
Style: Mellow Groovy
Content: Big Heart
Rating: G - PG

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A Place To Breathe
The Rhythm Of Life

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“A soul-stirring Maestro who invokes the essence of love into his music” Jill Lawson, Huffington Post “Awe inspiring and unforgettable” Music Industry News Network “A fabulous one-man concert”- Eddie King, president, Arts in the Parks, Nashville “…heartfelt, spirit-filled, uplifting and insightful”- Buzz Music


Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Matt Venuti’s music has been labeled “Ambient Fusion” and “Acoustic Alternative” but words can fail to categorize the immersive experience that his performances are known for. Velvety vocals supported by enchanting instrumentation deliver a melodic and poetic journey...one that traverses the heart and soul of a man who has experienced a full course of life's joys and lessons.

Matt tours nearly year-round, accompanying himself on instrument...


Trying to fill these important dates

CA/US: May, 2017 (dates: mid to late May) - Southern CA openings, please contact for details

CA/US: Jun, 2017 (dates: all of June) - Northern CA openings, please contact for details

Loosen The Grip

Matt Venuti Live at The Cracke

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