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Max Hatt Edda Glass
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award-winning cinematic americana

Host/Venue Recommendations: 4

Member since: 2015-07-08
Home: Santa Fe, NM, US
Frequently Tours: continental U.S.
# of Members: 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, guitar
Other Instruments: voice, percussion
Genre: singer-songwriter, americana, alternative, originals, world, Bossa Nova, Brazilian
Style: Varied evocative, mysterious, unique
Rating: G

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Crossing Over
No More Tattoos
Occasional Summer

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“A unique sound.” — Larry Groce, NPR Mountain Stage
"Exquisite, evocative music" — WFUV's John Platt “Beautiful… #chills” — Ann Powers of NPR Music (@annkpowers on Twitter)
"An incomparable spook" — Nashville Scene
"Subtly poignant, elegantly funky, and haunting without trying to be" — Nels Cline (Wilco)

Recommendations from hosts

May, 2017 - "Max and Edda were back for their second show with us at our request. Max is an excellent guitar player with superb tone. He writes most of the melodies. Edda has a great voice both vocally and in terms of her song writing. The lyrics are thoughtful ...


Max Hatt / Edda Glass features ethereal guitar, an unmistakeable voice, and the duo’s award-winning, genre-defying compositions. “We want to write about a world both intimate and vast, about little people on great plains,” says Glass. “Plus sometimes we throw in a little Bossa Nova.” Their 2016 “Ocean of Birds Tour” kicks off with NPR Mountain Stage and takes them across the country and several genres, from the jazz clubs of Manhattan to Nashville’s record stores and New England’s folk fests. Af...

Trying to fill these important dates

OR,WA,CA/US: Oct, 2017 (dates: early october) - routing north to south after ArtsNW Conference showcase!

MD,MA,NY/US: Nov, 2017 (dates: oct 18-Nov 22) - Follow up to playing Wilco's Solid Sound Festival & Black Potatoe— would love to play for you too!

Max Hatt / Edda Glass: NYC's Lincoln Center & More

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