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The Angie Haze Project
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Strength in Vulnerability

Member since: 2017-03-12
Home: Akron, OH, US
Frequently Tours: U.S.A.
# of Members: 1 or 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, guitar
Other Instruments: piano, percussion, melodica...
Genre: Folk, Americana, Singer Songwriter, Vaudeville, Roma, Blues, Indie
Style: Varied Upbeat, Ballad, Theatrical
Content: Mainstream Political, Emotional Wellness
Rating: PG - R

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Make Me Beautiful

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"There’s something to behold with Haze’s striking (Romani)/hippie stage presence.”CoolCleveland.com "Whenever you get the chance, see her in person. She is dynamic on stage, and you too will be addicted.”Buzzard Tracks “Astute, honest, extremely funny and intelligent; and one of the finest all around musicians I have ever met.” ION Indie Magazine


“A compelling, raw, and theatrical performance with a sound so addicting, you just can't get enough” Bells around her ankle, a handmade tambourine shoe, drums encircling her piano, a guitar, a cowbell, melodica, and a kazoo… We give you, Angie Haze. The Italian American, singer songwriter showcases herself as a one woman band: singing vocals while simultaneously playing multiple instruments. This unique circus act may be complemented with a caravan of energetic vaudevillians, some of Akron ...

Trying to fill these important dates

PA,NY,MD/US: Aug, 2017 (dates: 7, 8, 24,) - We will be working with another artist in the PA area and would like to fill in some of the dates on

WV,NC,TN/US: Sep, 2017 (dates: 9,10,11,12) - We are looking to tour and book these dates in these areas.

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