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The Novelists
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Stories in Harmony

Host/Venue Recommendations: 3

Member since: 2015-02-23
Home: Sparks, NV, US
Frequently Tours: Nationally
# of Members: 3 or more
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Piano/Guitar
Other Instruments: Bass/percussion
Genre: Folk/Pop/Lyrical Rock
Style: Varied lyrical
Content: Mainstream Storytelling
Rating: PG - R

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Soul Sucker
On My Side
Hang On

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“I’ve had the pleasure of hearing The Novelists perform live. They are gifted songwriters and talented musicians with strong lead voices. This is a band with lots of heart & soul.” -Daryl Stuermer (Genesis/Phil Collins Band)

Recommendations from hosts

July, 2017 - "The Novelists, hands down are one of the best touring acts in the United States. These four guys are better than the Beatles, gifted as Queen, powerfully soul stirring in their lyrical story telling and uniquely their own! If any of you host are fortu...


An elderly couple stands precariously on the railing of a 17-floor balcony… two teenagers unknowingly choose a murder scene for their parking date, and a young man throws off the shackles of a bullish culture. These are just a sample of the scenes in which you’ll find yourself immersed when you listen to The Novelists. Equally comfortable acoustic or electric, The Novelists showcase cliffhanger storytelling, multiple lead singers, and their signature four-part harmonies. In 2013, they debute...

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