Recommendations for Kelly&Ellis

August, 2017 - "Kelly and Ellis performed for my very first home concert in honor of my music-loving best friend and husband, Bob. They were wonderful. Memorable evening and a great way to kick off this musical journey. They performed an amazing show with upbeat & heartfelt songs & great music! They shared their rich musical history with songs and humor. Those who attended thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend booking them, you will be glad you did. They are gracious, humble individuals. Not to be missed!!"
(J. Procko-Drozd)

June, 2017 - "Kelly & Ellis were such a natural fit for Hope Street Patio. We chose to host the Ten/Ten show inside this time due to the weather and heat. What an intimate evening we had! Everyone connected with this couple and with their music. Our little ten/ten show was one of our favorite's this year! Thank you for bringing the love to Hope Street Patio."
(C. Page)

June, 2017 - "Casey Kelly and Leslie Ellis put on a great show. I was impressed with Casey's guitar work and particularly like his bass lines and finger picking. Kelly's voice ranges from soft to powerful. They had good stage presence and a lot of interesting stories. They were also engaging and appreciative house guests. We look forward to seeing them again."
(J. Wolf)

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