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Alan Reid and Rob van Sante
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informative, entertaining, tuneful

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Member since: 2017-06-21
Home: Torrance, , UK
Frequently Tours: U.S.A. usually twice yearly
# of Members: 1 or 2
Sound Equipment: Please Inquire
Main Instrument: Vocals, guitars
Other Instruments: piano, accordion
Genre: Scottish folk, traditional and modern
Style: Mellow choruses
Content: melodic/lyrical songs
Rating: PG - R

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Passing Places
The Last Trip Home

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It was such a pleasure to have you make such great music in my living room. It was also wonderful to have time to talk and get to know you a little. ( Lorie Wardlaw,Mendocino CA) I thoroughly enjoyed having you here -- you're welcome back any time you're in the area. Hope all goes well in Australia and California! (Judy McDowell, Yorktown VA)

Recommendations from hosts

April, 2018 - "We were so happy to host the Scottish duo, Alan Reid and Rob van Sante! They were fantastic musicians, wonderful storytellers and great house guests. They had a last minute cancellation and contacted us and we were booked, gathered a great crowd and ...


Alan is a former member of Scots trad. group Battlefield Band (for 40 years), touring worldwide and recording 25 + albums. He established a reputation in the Celtic genre for his sensitive keyboard playing and his interpretations of Scots song, whilst also garnering plaudits for his songwriting. Alan has extensively toured the U.S., playing at various folk festivals and guesting regularly with BB on NPR's 'Prairie Home Companion'.

Rob is a highly skilled guitarist and singer who has accompa...


Trying to fill these important dates

Australia: Oct, 2018 (dates: 1st. to 31st.+) - I will be working on this from September 2017

Alan Reid and Rob van Sante

Nancy's Whisky

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