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Caitlin Jemma
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Soulful folk

Host/Venue Recommendations: 1

Member since: 2017-03-10
Home: Eugene, OR, US

# of Members: 1 or 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Other Instruments: n/a
Genre: Folk
Rating: G

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Through the Wires
As the Crow Flies
Sitting on a Prayer

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“Swirling, mist-covered folk that reaches into the great divide and assures everything will be all right.” -Eugene Weekly "A hardworking songwriter clearly steeped in the bluegrass tradition and has a really fine voice with echoes of Iris DeMent and Gillian Welch…Smiles all round at the end of the set." -Roddy McKenzie, Inverness Gigs

Recommendations from hosts

June, 2017 - "Caitlin Jemma and the Goodness was great for a first concert! Guests called or texted me the next morning to relate they enjoyed it. Nice variety songs enjoyed by all 20 in attendance, from age 11 months to 80 years. At first I thought there were goin...


Caitlin Jemma is a small-town girl with a big country heart. Raised in the high desert of Northern Nevada, her songwriting is influenced by a sense of adventure, reverie, and discovery. With a sound tempered by country and delivered with soul, Caitlin Jemma brings a wholesome and enlivened energy to the deep-rooted traditions of storytelling folk. Jemma’s sweet and salty twang has earned comparisons to a young Iris Dement, with echoes of Gillian Welch & Valerie June.

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