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Gillian Grassie
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soulful, engaging, unexpected

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Member since: 2016-11-30
Home: Unionville, PA, US
Frequently Tours: North America, Western Europe
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Please Inquire
Main Instrument: Vocals, harp
Other Instruments: voice
Genre: folk, americana, jazz, blues, indie
Style: Mellow + fun
Content: Mainstream + literary
Rating: PG - R

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Quiet Kinda
Back to your Flat

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"...sweetly smitten one moment, winking sass the next, with stops at wistful melancholy and razor-sharp realism along the way. Her songwriting is the same Tamlin-esque shape-shifter, moving through time and place with literary ease." -Folk All Y'All, House Concert Series, Memphis

Recommendations from hosts

November, 2016 - "Our audience sat enraptured through the first set, which leaned most heavily on Gillian’s latest release but also featured classics that predated her by decades or even a century. We settled back in for a second set that dove more deeply into her ...


With sophisticated but accessible songs that challenge the conventions of her instrument and connect with listeners across cultures, Gillian has converted harp skeptics into devout followers across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Gillian's rich, narrative lyrics are heavily influenced by folk traditions, but she combines these with pop song structure and jazz vocal phrasing. This trifecta of talents has earned her grants from the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship and The US State Department, ...


Back to Your Flat

Danny Boy - Live at Ballhaus B

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