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Matt Venuti
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enchanting, engaging, inspiring

Host/Venue Recommendations: 1

Member since: 2017-02-06
Home: Geneva, NY, US
Frequently Tours: All over US most of the year
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Hang and Vocals
Other Instruments: Gubal, Gudu, Wind Synth
Genre: Acoustic Alternative, Ambient Fusion, Singer-Songwriter
Style: Varied Groove/Melodic/Singer-Songwrit
Rating: G - PG

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A Place To Breathe
The Rhythm Of Life

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“A soul-stirring Maestro who invokes the essence of love into his music” Jill Lawson, Huffington Post “Awe inspiring and unforgettable” Music Industry News Network “A fabulous one-man concert”- Eddie King, president, Arts in the Parks, Nashville “…heartfelt, spirit-filled, uplifting and insightful”- Buzz Music

Recommendations from hosts

June, 2017 - "Matt Venuti was our inaugural performer for our 2017 season of concerts At The Ruin. Matt is an extraordinary musician playing an unusual percussion instrument called the hang. The music was mesmerizing. Matt is a story teller through his music allowi...


After many successful years leading a popular San Francisco based World-Dance ensemble, Matt has embarked on a solo journey with rare instruments and a captivating style of play, sharing stories and songs that leave his audiences spellbound, open-hearted and feeling connected. He's toured throughout North/South America and Europe in venues ranging from house-concerts to concert halls, tireless and excited to bring forth a musical message that has arisen from years of honing his craft and maneuve...

Trying to fill these important dates

NY,PA/US: Nov, 2017 (dates: Month of Nov) - Check with me and we'll find a date!

NY,PA/US: Dec, 2017 (dates: Month of Dec) - Check with me and we'll find a date!

Matt Venuti at TEDx Marin

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Listening Room Concert Excerpt

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