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Missy & Heine Andersen
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Soul fueled American

Member since: 2017-05-18
Home: San Diego, CA, US
Frequently Tours: US and some Europe
# of Members: 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, guitar
Other Instruments: n/a
Genre: Soul Americana Blues
Style: Groovy Soulful
Content: Mainstream
Rating: G

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Stand Up and Dance

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"One of the truly great voices of our time.” –PBS Australia / Peter Merrett "the real deal..." - Washington Blues Society “…Vocal magic that lights up the night.” –Southland Blues / Jim Santella


Back in October 2014, Missy and Heine Andersen were slated to represent San Diego in the Duo/Solo Competition of the International Blues Challenge (IBC). Two short months later, a Blues Music Award (BMA) nomination effectively sidelined the duo as IBC participants cannot appear on a final BMA ballot. They were subsequently disqualified, making it the first occurrence since the rule was instated. Explained Blues Foundation past president, Jay Sieleman, “Think of it as getting kicked out of the M...

Missy & Heine Andersen / Better or Worse

Missy & Heine Andersen with Na

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