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Naomi Wachira
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Inspiring, Socially Conscious

Host/Venue Recommendations: 1

Member since: 2017-02-20
Home: Yakima, WA, US
Frequently Tours: Northwest
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Please Inquire
Main Instrument: Vocals, Vocal
Other Instruments: Guitar
Genre: Afro-Folk
Style: Varied
Content: Mainstream
Rating: G

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African Girl
Murathimwo (Benediction)
I Know

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Naomi Wachira is an artist of formidable talent and heart. Her music & songwriting brings together harmonies that speak across continents and cultures.- Northwest Music Scene

Recommendations from hosts

September, 2017 - "Naomi gave us a show worthy of people's time with a focus on humanity and our shared need to be treated with love and respect. Very moving. She gained many new fans."
(L. Veremakis)


I am an African girl, well I know where Im coming from, and I know who I want to be... is the defiant soul-anthem that jumpstarted Afro-Folk singer/songwriter Naomi Wachira onto a whole new path and calling. The words, from the title track of her first EP African Girl (2012), paved the way for this Kenyan-born, Seattle-based artist, who is determined to make a contribution in the world by offering music that is poignant, hopeful and life-giving. Five years after a critically acclaimed self-t...

Beautifully Human

Up in Flames

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