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Paul Sprawl
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Full-time music maker

Host/Venue Recommendations: 12

Member since: 2016-04-10
Home: East Chain, MN and Terlingua, TX, US
Frequently Tours: North America and Western Europe
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Other Instruments: Harmonica
Genre: Americana
Style: Varied
Rating: G

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September, 2016 - "Paul played an intense concert, blending playful with passionate, songs of the road with songs of politics, shorter with longer, and throughout showing a tremendous mastery of his voice and of his guitar. It was musically rich and intellectually challenging, and our audience gladly went deep with him." (T. Kohlenberg)

Recommendations from hosts

November, 2017 - "Paul is an incredible wizard on the guitar! Great watch and even better to listen too. Amazing! He gets so many different sounds out of his guitar and plays at the same time the complete drum section on it. Impressive! We had as well a lot of int...


Paul Sprawl has owned and operated his own full-time music career since Sept. 1997. He plays all over North America and several countries in Europe. He's got nine full-length recordings of his own songs (so far), the first on a German label and the rest on his own. He's also produced three full-length cds for other artists. Born and raised in California, he and his dancer/choreographer wife are currently building a place for artists to find refuge and inspiration in Big Bend, Texas. He's been pl...

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