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Davey O.
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storyteller and songwriter

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Member since: 2017-04-26
Home: Buffalo, NY, US
Frequently Tours: yes
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, acoustic guitar
Other Instruments: harmonica
Genre: Contemporary Folk, Americana
Style: Varied
Content: well crafted songs
Rating: G - PG

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Nothing Could Go Wrong
In Its Own Time
To Buffalo

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In studio - Long Black Veil
Don't Dream It's Over
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"a rare voice for the actual struggling everyday people of this world--not filtered through legend or tradition, but as actually and personally experienced" - Sarah Craig, Manager, Caffe Lena

"One of these artists who takes a modicum of musical coal and squeezes it hard enough to produce some diamonds is the acclaimed singer-songwriter Davey O who has supported many top tier artists throughout his career. His new ten-song collection “…a bright horizon line,” is a continuation of this concise singer-songwriter’s testament of absorbing story songs." - John Apice, No Depression

Recommendations from hosts

August, 2015 - "Davey O's second concert at the Haven was charming. The audience really related to his lyrics and his stories. He is an authentic voice of the 21st century!"
(A. Henderson)



Equal parts songwriter and storyteller, Buffalo’s Davey O. has been recognized on a national level for his past two CD releases with multiple honors among the “best of“ lists of several Folk & Roots radio stations, and as a 2013 New Folk Finalist at the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival. Davey has also earned the respect of his peers for his incredible work ethic, performing between 120 - 140 dates per year, and for his constant dedication to the art of song craft. With a journalist’s eye for...

Trying to fill these important dates

PA,OH/US: May, 2018 (dates: 3rd) - I have dates booked in Raymond,OH (4th) and Ann Arbor, MI (5th), would like to fill the 3rd en route

PA,OH/US: Jun, 2018 (dates: 14th) - Need routing to date in Kentucky

Davey O. - Ev'ry Single Day, Live at Canton Public Library

Davey O. - To Buffalo, Live at

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