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Official Showcase Coordinator:
Don Simon - [email protected]

FARMette 2017 Official Showcase Rules / Deadlines

There will be SEVEN juried Official Showcases at FARMette on June 24th.

Deadline for Official Showcase submissions is 11:59p (Central), Wednesday, May 10th, 2017.

Please submit two live performance web links and your website URL. The links must go to a web page that automatically loads a live performance of a single song in its entirety.  Here’s an example. The links must be available from the date of your submission through the date of notification. There are spaces in the application for to enter the links. After submitting your application, you’ll be able to test your links to verify they are working.

We strongly recommend two live videos as your best presentation for judging. Submissions need not be professionally produced, however. The best submissions are a simple production of you playing in front of a live audience. The make-up of the act in the submissions should be the same act make-up as the intended showcase performance. For example, if you plan to perform solo, please do not submit a performance of you with a band or backup singers.

Judges will be instructed to do the best they can with what is provided by you, but they will not be encouraged to struggle with links that don’t work or songs that are embedded in a playlist. We ask the judges to focus on the quality of your performance and songs rather than the production values of the video. But it is still important that the audio quality allow the judges to clearly hear your performance and lyrics (if you sing) without too much background noise.

Additional Terms and Conditions

All showcase entries must be submitted online. No mail-in or CD submissions will be accepted.

A $10 showcase submission fee will be due with the submission of your showcase entries.

Via the provided PayPal link (accepts PayPal or credit/debit cards).

Via your PayPal account to [email protected] (include “FARMette Showcase Submission Fee” and artist's name in comments)

By check, made out to “Folk Alliance Region Midwest” and mailed to Lola Tyler c/o Wheatland Music Org, P.O. Box 22, Remus, MI 49340. Include “FARMette Showcase Submission Fee” and artist’s name in comments.

Selected artists pay an additional $25 showcase fee due upon notification of selection.

Showcases take place on the evening of Saturday, June 24th. Make sure you are able to attend FARMette on that date before submitting. The Official Showcase artists have an opportunity not only to perform, but to share what they do and how they do it with other artists in the FARM community.

Two to four alternate artists will be chosen. In the event a selected showcase artist(s) is unable to attend the conference, an alternate artist will be offered a showcase, based on ranking from the judges.

Selected artists and all band members / backup musicians MUST be registered for FARMette. No exceptions.

Selected artists must be members of Folk Alliance. If you are not a member you can join at

By submitting showcase entries you indicate your understanding and agreement to the terms listed above. In addition, those selected agree to allow FARM to use their picture and/or videos in advertising for FARMette. FARM Board members, the Official Showcase coordinator and Listening Room Network employees are not eligible to be showcase judges. Email your questions to the Official Showcase coordinator Don Simon, [email protected] 

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